Funding Applied

Thanks to the generous support of our community, the San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation has been able to provide the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) with enhanced service tools, training, and equipment that was not available through the City’s funding process.

Channel Lock Cable Cutters

cable-cuttersThis tool can mean the difference between life and death to a first responder caught in an entanglement situation. Cable cutters are perfect for working in confined spaces and can be easily manipulated with one hand. These are lifesavers when working vehicle accidents. They can be used to cut through electrical wires that supply power to door locks and windows helping first responders gain quicker access to the victims. The Foundation was able to provide one to each uniformed crew member thanks to a donation from the Siegel family.

Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones

remote-speakerAs an all-risk Fire Department, SDFD crews are tasked with responding to various types of emergencies. During these incidents they must maintain communications with other units and the Fire Communications Center (FCC). Crew members will traditionally have their portable handheld radios in a turnout pocket or clipped to a belt and the speaker is far removed from the user’s ear. Hearing radio traffic and having to remove the radio from a turnout pocket while on the fire-ground with turnout gloves on can be quite challenging. The remote microphone improves the firefighter’s ability to monitor communications passively and allows the firefighter to keep their hands free for the task at hand, whether it’s carrying tools, searching for victims, or managing a hose-line. Thanks to a generous grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, we were able to provide 280 Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones to SDFD.

Paratech Interstate/Motor Vehicle Stabilization Kit

stabilize-kitRescue 4 is the primary unit that responds to all vehicle rescues within the city and vehicle rescues make up a large part of the incidents that Rescue 4 respond to on a daily basis. Stabilizing the vehicle to keep victims and rescuers safe is the first priority, and most passenger vehicles can be stabilized with Rescue’s existing equipment. However, any larger vehicle, truck, bus, trolley, or train cannot be stabilized. The Paratech equipment can also be utilized for quick strut or shoring operations in building collapses or similar applications.

Diver Locator Sonar

driver-locatorThis portable, self-contained sonar is designed for use by divers in locating submerged objects (vehicles, bodies, aircraft, etc). The system provides bearing and range information to the target and can also be used to locate pingers or other sound sources.

Rapid Intervention Crew Bags

rapid-interventionThe Rapid Intervention Paks expand rescue capabilities for citizens, our firefighters, and mutual aid firefighters. The regulator and face piece can be used in several configurations that enhance the survivability of trapped victims. These new models also assist in the rescue of downed firefighters from jurisdictions using other than our current model of SCBAs. With the departments expanded use of auto and mutual aid companies, this equipment is critical. Funding for this project was provided through a grant from SDG&E.

VHF Radios

VHF-RadiosSDFD believes portable radios assigned to all firefighters during emergency incidents are a proven lifesaver and should be considered a critical item of personal protective equipment. The need to equip all our firefighters with VHF radios is equally critical for receiving and transmitting vital incident information and updates or for emergency distress situations during mutual aid. Additionally, VHF radios provide emergency radio backup to the 800MHz system to ensure we never lose communication with our men and women in the field. The Foundation partnered with Las Patronas to provide these communication tools to SDFD.

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